Commercial Cabinets and Countertops

Commercial cabinets and countertops for doctors offices, retail establishments, offices, restaurants and bars.

We have many years of experience working with commercial cabinet and countertop installations. Call us for a free consultation and we'll visit and discuss how we can help upgrade or improve your office, treatment room or retail space. Here are some examples of where our installations have made efficient use of space. Click here to Contact Us for a free quotation.

Amanda's Ice Cream - Brewster, Mass

We completed Snow and Jones' new showroom for kitchen faucets and sinks with Corian countertops.

The Dennis Equipment Company sells and services all kinds of outdoor equipment from a wide range of suppliers. The Countertop Stop staff just recently refurbished their retail space. Check out the results by clicking on any picture!

Bernie and Phyl's Furniture Outlet store in Hyannis:

Hairdressing Salon welcome desk custom design with some serious style!

Hairdressers Laminate Countertop

At this hairdresser's office we built a custom countertop for their existing reception desk. We provided a convenient working space with storage. In our custom countertop workshop we can turn around a project like this in a few hours. But a successful job like this is all about listening carefully to the customers requirements, measuring accurately and then installing the top quickly and cleanly so that our customer's business can continue to operate seamlessly. Ask about a range of finishes, and about custom access holes for computer wiring. How about some lighting or some built in cabinets?

Doctors Treatement Room Laminate Countertop with Splashback

At this Doctor's Office there were several treatment rooms and they all needed a new countertop at the same time. We measured and manufactured the countertops at our workshop, and then installed them all in a few days. These are special medical sinks which all needed to be supplied and plumbed in as part of the project. Note the custom cabinets and drawers under, and the fact that the units needed to all be wall mounted to make it easy to clean the floor area underneath. Laminate covered shelves were also supplied as part of this project.

Doctor's Consultation Room Custom Laminate top and builtin furniture

A smaller version of the laminate top with medical sink installed, drawers underneath. Another suitable type of top for this application would be Corian, which comes in a number of simple patterns ideal for a medical space.

Doctor's Reception Area

Here we needed to provide as much table top surface as possible enabling the receptionist to manage multiple phones, computer screens, schedules, insurance paperwork and patient notes. No backsplash is needed here, but a 1/4 round seals the top to the wall.

Below are two views of the commercial kitchen we built for Casual Gourmet. The cabinets were all built at our facility in South Yarmouth, then delivered and installed in Falmouth, plumbing and electrical connected. This project was completed on schedule, in fact we were there before the commercial cleaning company had finished working on the tiled floor.

Bourne commercial cabinet sales installation
Casual Gourmet Commercial Kitchen at West Falmouth Hospital

Falmouth commercial cabinet sales installation
Casual Gourmet, West Falmouth