Cabinet Refacing

If your kitchen needs updating and needs a new look and color, perhaps with some additional features, but the structure of it is basically sound, let's consider refacing it. Cabinet refacing involves adding new doors, trim and fittings, as well as new hinges and perhaps some new drawer boxes. One or two roughed up cabinets can be repaired and we can add trash pullouts and new 'lazy susans' to make the best use of those corner cabinets.
Add a new countertop and professional cabinet refacing and you have a new kitchen for a fraction of the cost. Call us today to explore your options.

Before work starts, we have aging yellowed plain flat doors with peeling wood trim
The new doors are a sharp clean white with Nantucket style beadboard finish
Wood trimmed laminate countertops are in poor shape and tough to keep clean
The new quartz countertops are easy to clean and very durable
The yellowed formica is looking very dated
Clean looking brushed finish hardware goes well with the white Nantucket style beadboard doors
Nothing fits very well, and the flat doors accentuate the imperfections
Even the closet doors have been changed to complete the upgrade

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

This kitchen was once dated and in poor shape, but the owners were quite happy with the layout. Working within a budget, we were able to replace the countertops and doors and refinish the whole kitchen, allowing the owners to get new appliances and lighting as well to make the most of their space.


Refacing kitchen for a low cost dramatic improvementMixing the white doors and cabinet faces with this deep colored countertop and sink really makes a dramatic improvement.

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Check out these door panels added to the back of the cabinets under the countertop to give a professional look to the peninsula.


This entirely functional kitchen gets a great new look with these fashionable Nantucket style doors and a really nicely finished granite countertop


Combined trash and recycling pullouts can be fitted to existing cabinet frames to add functionality to your new kitchen.


To make the best use of the available storage, we can add lazy susans and any number of other cabinet interior fittings that we can access through our specialized distributors

This kitchen was fitted with new doors and drawer fronts, a super corian countertop, tiled splashback and new appliances for a clean new look at minimal expense. Why pull out all that perfectly good structure at huge expense in labor and materials, when The Countertop Stop can refinish you existing cabinets for a fraction of the price? Click on any image for a closer look.